Xbox BFF Necklace Pair Upcycled Real Video Game Plugs


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Connect with a best friend, partner, or loved one with this very unique pair of original Xbox gamers necklaces. Both necklaces are made using real video game plugs that fit together perfectly. The necklaces are actual controller cord that is remarkably comfortable and pliable.

The diameter of each necklace is approx 15 inches and will fit easily over anyone’s head. The male and female plugs hold together very securely when joined yet they can be pulled apart with very little effort. A very hip and stylish way to make a statement. Own a piece of video game history!

Tips: If the cord is too long for your needs you can simply untie the cord and retie it to create any size you need.

Video game cord has a “memory” to it so if it seems a bit bent or wiggly when you first receive it simply hang it on a hook and it will straighten out nicely in time.


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