Terminator 2 Todd Voight Action Figure – Handmade toy


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Terminator 2 Todd Voight Action Figure – Handmade toy

Terminator 2 is such a cool movie and the action figures that followed are awesome. One of my favorite scenes in the entire movie was when Jenelle Voight, John Connor’s foster mom stabs her husband Todd right in the mouth as he guzzles milk out of the carton, such a shocking scene. Yet the giant toy makers never made Janelle or Todd Voight action figures. Never fear 1Up Forge is here to set the universe right.

This is a very unique and extremely rare handmade action figure sealed in quality packaging. Many hours were spent on this piece to produce the final product you see here. Careful attention to details are apparent from the overall packaging right down to the facial construction and painting of the figure. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece of collectable memorabilia. The figure itself is fully posable but is sealed in a plastic bubble to keep it in mint condition. The card back is printed on high quality card stock as good if not better than what you will find with any mass produced toy. This piece will enhance any toy collection and sure to be a huge head turner. Also makes the perfect gift for the toy connoisseur in your life.

Note: This is more of an art piece rather than an actual toy and therefore is not intended to be opened, just for display. But if you purchase it you can do what you want with it, its yours after all, I’m just sayin…

Overall dimensions of package:
10.5″ tall
8″ wide

Artist signature on back

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