Nintendo Tanooki Leaf Super Mario Bros power up accessory – Handmade toy


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Tanooki Leaf – Handmade toy

Sometimes you just need a little tail. One of the coolest and most sought after accessories ever in the world of Super Mario is the Tanooki Leaf and Racoon suit. Who would have thought that just by touching this seemingly normal leaf (with eyeballs) you would be gifted with all the super powers inherit from your common forest raccoon including the ability to fly somewhat and smash bricks with your tail. Now you too can experience these mystical coon-like powers for yourself (for pretends only). Don’t leave home without it…

This is a very unique and extremely rare handmade toy in quality packaging. Many hours were spent on this piece to produce the final product you see here. Careful attention to details are apparent in this collectable memorabilia. The card back is printed on high quality card stock as good if not better than what you will find with any mass produced toy. This piece will enhance any toy collection and sure to be a huge head turner. Also makes the perfect gift for the toy connoisseur in your life.

Note: This is more of an art piece rather than an actual toy and therefore is not intended to be opened, just for display. But if you purchase it you can do what you want with it, its yours after all, I’m just sayin…

Overall dimensions of package:
10.5″ tall
8″ wide

Artist signature on back.


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