Nintendo Power Glove Rare Table Lamp – Wearable & Poseable


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Nintendo Power Glove Rare Table Lamp – Wearable & Poseable by 1UP Forge

The Power of Nintendo is in your hand! At least it can be with this awesome original interactive desk lamp. The Nintendo NES Power Glove was one of the many NES accessories far ahead of its time. It was even featured in the 1989 movie “The Wizard” starring Fred Savage “I love the Power Glove, it’s so bad.” The glove along with sensors that were placed next to a TV would allow the player to use hand motions to play almost any game for the NES including Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Super Glove Ball. This technology only recently came back into play  with the Nintendo Wii and other modern systems using similar motion detection, yet the Power Glove is nearly 30 years old!

This lamp is designed with the user in mind.  The glove can still be worn (how could it not be?). With minimal effort you can remove the glove from its mount and actually wear it. Putting on the Power Glove feels like wearing something 30 years into the future rather than the past!  It is the perfect accessory for an awesome gaming costume or just another day at the office. Also when the glove is on its mount the fingers and thumb can be bent and positioned to make various hand gestures. The mount itself is made from a recycled NES Nintendo circuit board and still clearly shows the Nintendo logo and 1987 date.

Perfect accent to any game room or man cave.

It looks great on or off in any room!

The overall height of the lamp including the shade is approx 20 inches tall including the lampshade.

Fits any standard size light bulb (up to 40 watt for the old incandescent bulbs or up to 13 watt for the new energy saver bulbs).

Lamp shade is included.

The power cord is approx 46 inches long.

A fitting tribute to the awesomeness of Nintendo.

The perfect addition to any room or man cave. Great conversation piece!

Light bulb not included.

Own Nintendo history!

Optional: You can include the American to United Kingdom, Hong Kong, European, or Australian Wall Plug Outlet Converter for an additional $4.00, as shown in the last photo.

I also make custom lampshades, check out my lampshade section!



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