Nintendo NES controller Smartphone Android USBC charging dock


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This is an aftermarket Nintendo NES controller converted into a USB-C charging dock for your Android Smartphone. The charger plug is securely affixed to the base of the controller and keeps your device nice and vertical. This platform is very stable and will not tip over easily.

A Samsung Galaxy was tested on this charger but it should work for many other types of devices as long as your device has the same shape of plug shown in the pictures (USB type C).

The buttons and directional arrows can be pressed like normal.
The cord is approx 35 inches long. A very sleek and stylish way to charge your Smartphone just plug the USB into any computer or USB power plug. Makes a great gift for any serious old school gamer.

You can include the USB Wall Charger for an additional $5.00, as shown in the last photo.


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