Nintendo History Evolution Totem Sculpture Floor Lamp


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Nintendo History Evolution Totem Sculpture Floor Lamp

This is my biggest and most ambitious lamp to date.
A highly unique floor lamp totem pole sculpture that contains nearly the entire history of Nintendo gaming all in one! Using a console and controller from each system: Nintendo NES 001, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Cube, Nintendo Wii, and Wii U this lamp is an upright Nintendo archive museum! I have arranged the consoles in ascending order from the bottom up starting with the Original Nintendo NES and ending with the Nintendo Wii U. On top of the the consoles are the controllers also in asending order starting with the nes and ending with the Wii remote. I also added one of the coolest NES accessories of all time, the NES Zapper light gun. The lamp shade has a high quality Nintendo logo decal on it for a nice finished look.

A few things that make this lamp even more awesome:
All the consoles controllers can be rotated 360 degrees for an almost infinite number of position combinations! Most of the buttons on the consoles and controllers (including the trigger on the Zapper gun can still be pressed like normal. There are a lot of little secret compartments all around this sculpture including the game doors to the NES and GameCube. Its a lot of fun just exploring this lamp from top to bottom.

The base is nicely weighted and the lamp has a good center of gravity giving it solid stability.
Fits any standard size light bulb (up to 40 watt for the old incandescent bulbs or up to 13 watt for the new energy saver bulbs).
A fitting tribute to the awesomeness of Nintendo.
The overall height of the lamp including the shade is approx 71 inches tall.
The power cord is approx 60 inches long.
The perfect accent to any room or man cave. Great conversation piece!
Light bulb not included
Own Nintendo history!

Optional: You can include the American to UK, Hong Kong, European, or Australian Wall Plug Outlet Converter for an additional $4.00, as shown in the last photo.


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