Christmas Pickle Ornament Gag Gift




The Christmas pickle ornament tradition goes that the pickle was the last ornament hung on the tree. The first person to spot the pickle gets a special gift.

Don’t you just love the Christmas Pickle? Me neither. Who made up this absurd tradition? They say it’s a time honored German tradition but my grandparents were 100% German and they never heard of it and every German I have ever talked to says they have no idea where it came from.

One kid finds the pickle and gets special praise and even an extra present while the rest of the siblings’ hopes and dreams are crushed on Christmas morning… Come on, the Germans are not that mean.

This will make a great gift for someone who needs to be woke on the whole concept of the Christmas pickle.

Note: This is more of an art piece rather than an actual toy and therefore is not intended to be opened, just for display. But if you purchase it you can do what you want with it, it is yours after all, I’m just sayin…

Overall dimensions of package:
10.5″ tall
8″ wide

Artist signature on back.


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