Atari Force action figure – Commander Martin Champion – Handmade toy


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Atari was undoubtedly one of the very first video game pioneers that shaped the gaming world as we know it today. Living in the early 80’s felt more like living in the future with amazing Atari arcade games you could actually play at home instead of wasting your quarters at the arcade. The first Atari consoles and games were manufactured in California, USA. Atari wanted to make the experience of owning a system even more amazing by including a special edition comic book called “Atari Force” with the purchase of a new console. The comic featured a team of amazing, yet diverse individuals led by the all American Commander Martin Champion.

This is a very unique and extremely rare handmade action figure sealed in quality packaging. Many hours were spent on this piece to produce the final product you see here. Careful attention to details are apparent from the overall packaging right down to the facial construction and painting of the figure. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece of collectable memorabilia. The figure itself is fully posable but is sealed in a plastic bubble to keep it in mint condition. The card back is printed on high quality card stock as good if not better than what you will find with any mass produced toy. This piece will enhance any toy collection and sure to be a huge head turner. Also makes the perfect gift for the toy connoisseur in your life.

Note: This is more of an art piece rather than an actual toy and therefore is not intended to be opened, just for display. But if you purchase it you can do what you want with it, its yours after all, I’m just sayin…

Overall dimensions of package:
10.5″ tall
8″ wide

Artist signature on back.


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