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Atari 2600 Desk Lamp with Lamp Shade by 1UP Forge

It all started here: The Atari 2600 and the classic joystick with one red button, yes just one button was all you needed back then. Video games do not get much more primal than this yet the Atari 2600 console would become the cornerstone of home gaming as we all know and love today.

This is a very cool lamp made using an authentic Atari 2600 console and 2 joysticks. The console and joysticks no longer worked so we recycled them into a new and functional work of art. The two controllers can be rotated and positioned in many ways for a variety of different looks as well as giving this piece a fun interactive quality. The buttons on both controllers can be pressed like normal. The console serves as a very sturdy base for the lamp. The fixture is mounted very firmly with the vertical metallic rod double bolted inside the console. Own an awesome piece of gaming history that still functions in the modern world.
Perfect accent to any game room or man cave.

It looks great on or off in any room!

The overall height of the lamp including the shade is approx 20 inches tall including the lampshade.
Fits any standard size light bulb (up to 40 watt for the old incandescent bulbs or up to 13 watt for the new energy saver bulbs).
Lamp shade is included.
The power cord is approx 46 inches long.
A fitting tribute to the awesomeness of Atari.
The perfect addition to any room or man cave. Great conversation piece!
Light bulb not included.

Own Atari history!

Optional: You can include the American to United Kingdom, Hong Kong, European, or Australian Wall Plug Outlet Converter for an additional $4.00, as shown in the last photo.


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